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At Vinland Freedom Press, our mission is to provide a platform for the hardcopy distribution of books which have been censored and deplaformed from major retailers like Amazon. Even if these books are available in PDF, our goal is to provide a real copy that you can hold in your hands. A digital file lasts as long as your computer or harddrive, can be censored and edited remotely, can be corrupted, and disappears if the technology to store it and read it ever do. A printed book, if taken care of, will last forever. And all you need to enjoy it is a bit of light.

The most recent of the 25 reader reviews now posted on the page for 'The Balk,' Billy Roper's nonfiction book about the future breakup of Americ, is 5 out of 5 stars.

"I think this little book is somewhat unique in that it focuses on the demographic changes that have occurred in the U.S. and the continuing trends that are & will shape our country in the coming years. It helps you to think through steps and actions that can get us prepared for potential scenarios as these trends unfold. Being aware of the changes will help you think about the best places to live if you aren't already there. If you think about moving away from large urban areas, or to another state and connecting with more like minded people then this is a helpful resource but different that other "prepper" type books. It's not about "prepping" per se and not an exhaustive state by state review like some I've read but none the less you will find it useful. It may change your view on what is happening in our country and show you how and where you may be able to thrive regardless of changes coming."

'The Balk' is the kind of hard-hitting, brutally honest description of how, when, and why the United States is doomed to collapse and breakup into smaller, racially based ethnostates that people either love or hate. That's why all of our reviews are either five or one star. The five star reviews are from two-thirds of readers who see the Balkanization coming after reading the book, while the one star reviews are from "anti-racist" activists attempting to hurt the author's livelihood by attacking his book sales, rather than his ideas themselves. It currently has a 3.6 out of 5 star rating, overall.

If you want to understand why multiracial democracy has failed, why America is so polarized and divided, and what will happen next, you should read 'The Balk.

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